Latin America: Informal Sector, Electronic Commerce and Subcapitalism

Amérique Latine: Secteur Informel, Commerce Électronique et Subcapitalisme Le secteur informel du Pérou, du Brésil, de la Colombie comme au Mexique pour ne citer que les plus en vue, s’était érigé comme une alternative a l’inertie bureaucratique des Etats gouvernés a l’époque par des juntes militaires ou des -bureaucrates-technocratiques dont l’essentiel de la politique était de... Lire la Suite →

New Face of China Giant panda startle and paper tiger awakening

SAID EL MANSOUR CHERKAOUI JUNE 26, 2018 REPORTS AND ANALYSIS ON CHINA PUBLISHED BY SAID EL MANSOUR CHERKAOUI The new foreign policy consensus in Washington rejects American internationalism at precisely the time when it is needed most to define more accurate and less expansionist diplomatic approaches to the challenges and the rise of nationalism... Lire la Suite →

★ ★ ★ Coronavirus Trends ★ ★ ★

★ UPDATES ★ Friday July 7, 2020 ★ Worldwide Cases Overview The world reached two tragic milestones on Sunday — 10 million COVID-19 cases and 500,000 deaths — with 1 million infections added in the past six days even as nations eased lock-downs and focused on economic recovery. Five million people have recovered. Infections keep... Lire la Suite →

Tesla Road to China

Updated 10/29/2019 - 11/11/2019 & 11/12/2019 How Everything Started: Hello Fremont In a milestone for Tesla has revealed its first "made-in-China" cars. Just in Time Concept: Salam Shanghai Just 168 working days to go from permits to a finished plant Tesla Gigafactory Running in Record Time: Tesla’s The goal is to produce 1,000... Lire la Suite →

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