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Harvard Business Review Discussion Group Ania Wieckowski • 3rd+ 5 mo • 5 months ago

What Makes a Leader?hbr.org • 2 min read

Hi all – I’m Ania Wieckowski, an editor at Harvard Business Review. HBR celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion we’re highlighting 12 of our favorite articles from across the decades. Subscribers can access them all at any time, and for those who aren’t subscribers we’re unlocking one per month.
For May, we’re sharing Daniel Goleman’s 1998 article “What Makes a Leader.” (It also appears in HBR Press’s forthcoming book “HBR at 100: The Most Influential and Innovative Articles from Harvard Business Review’s First Century.”)
Based on his 1995 bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence,” in which Goleman introduced the term and concept to the business world, this article states definitively that the ability to recognize and manage both one’s own and others’ emotions is a requirement of outstanding leadership and goes on to describe the elements of EI. 
I’ve always appreciated this article’s reminder to leaders that their emotional state matters to those who follow them—and that their ability to empathize with others’ feelings makes them stronger.
Was there a time when you connected with a leader specifically because of their emotional intelligence?

Hi all – I’m Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, an editor at the Havre of Knowledge and Business Intelligence Review in addition to Many Websites, Online News Outlets and Analytical Blogs.

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